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02 July 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack

Rating: 10/10

Purchased for:
$16.83CDN ($15.08USD)

17 Tracks from the motion picture (from iTunes)
Missing one track because it is an incomplete iTunes album

-Beautiful compilation of music by John Williams
-Excellent music for the film
-Confluence, The Chairman's Waltz and Sayuri's Theme are notable

Personal Experience:
The music featured on the album is definitely some of the best in my music library with it's beautiful and emotional nature. Listening to these tracks make me feel as if I can feel Sayuri's emotions and thoughts, of course I am a bit obsessed with the book and film... Once while listening to Confluence I even started to cry, that's how powerful this music is! In the same way that Confluence can make me feel sorrow, Chiyo Goes to School can do the opposite with its fun sound. The Chairman's Waltz is a very visual song in that while listening it's easy to visualise the Chairman and Sayuri walking through the cherry blossom gardens. The only track that I don't enjoy is Dr. Crab's Prize. I dislike this song not because of any lack of musical talent present but because I dislike Dr Crab and his winning of Sayuri's mizuage. I told you I'm obsessed :P. I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys the beauty created by a balance of Western orchestra and Asian sensibilities.

Possible Improvements and Concerns:
-Don't buy this album from iTunes since the price is not only high but there is a track missing

01 July 2006

Sony MDR-EX71SL Stereo In-Ear Headphones

Rating: 8/10

Purchased for:
$55.79CAD ($49.99USD)

In-ear design
Passive noise cancelling
Silicon earbuds (soft, three sizes)
One metre wire extension
Available in white or black

Targeted At:
-iPod or MP3 player owners
-Portable CD player owners

-Good overall sound quality
-Good base response
-Very good mid-high frequencies
-Comfortable fit
-Good noise cancelling
-Good for trance, techno, pop, rock, country

Personal Experience:
I've had these earphones now for about three months and they have proved to be very comfortable and far superior to the original earphones that come with iPods. I was hesitant at first to buy these because I didn't want in-ear phones because of a previous bad experience with some $200 Shure in-ear phones as well as my concern over no longer being able to eavesdrop on other conversations on the bus and the train. After experiencing these Sony earphones I would never go back to those that come with the iPod, which are much less comfortable. Durability of the earphones is surprisingly good with me having accidentally dragged them on pavement, dropped them and stepped on them without more than some silver paint flaking from the earpiece. The sound quality is also very good, making these earphones the best value in the $100 or less category.

Possible Improvements and Concerns:
-Cord length awkward from pocket to ears (too long with extension, too short without)
-Silver paint can peel from earpiece
-Base response may not be enough for rap lovers (in-ear headphones wouldn't please many)
-Silicon attachment falls off if wire is snagged and the phones are torn from the ear (may lose pieces)

30 June 2006

Sharp Plasmacluster FP-N40CX Air Purifier

Rating: 9/10

Purchased for:
$199.99CDN (Original price of $449.99CDN)
($179.36US) (Original price of $403.58US)

Plasmacluster Ion Technology (emits hydroxyl ions to destroy airborne bacteria)
Automatic Ion Balance Control (emits positive and negative ions in a ratio that mimics nature)
HEPA Filter (removes particles as small as 0.3 microns such as pollen and dust)
Washable Active Carbon Filter (removes over 4000 odour-causing chemicals)
Odour Sensor (detects odours and displays level of odour with a coloured light)
Pollen Mode (automatically cycles through fan speeds)
Produces No Ozone (toxic if inhaled)
5 Year HEPA Filter Replacement Cycle

Targeted At:
-Allergy sufferers
-Those who live in areas with poor air quality
-The chemical sensitive
-Anyone concerned over indoor air quality

-Exceeds expectations and proves why it has won so many awards
-Very quiet operation
-Reduces odours
-Easy to operate

Personal Experience:
I purchased the Plasmacluster only because I was concerned over my indoor air quality. I've placed the unit in my bedroom since I wanted to improve the air that I breathe for over eight hours each night. After experiencing the Plasmacluster for nearly a month I feel as if I have made a good choice in buying this product. The most noticeable effect is that when I awaken the air doesn't have a slightly off smell as it had before I had the purifier. I am even able to run the unit on medium through the night although I sleep lightly and can't sleep with noise about. Now the air feels much cleaner to breathe. I tested the odour cleansing abilities of the Plasmacluster on the first day by spraying some body spray in the room and closing the door for half an hour. Once I opened the door the smell of the body spray was nearly completely gone even though the spray is very potent. The other major change is that the surfaces in my room and my television no longer gather as much dust as they had before. The Plasmacluster also acts not only as an air purifier but also as a fan to circulate air and move it throughout rooms or from outside.

Possible Improvements:
-Dust sensor (FP-N60CX has this)
-Original price is high

Sharp Canada's Plasmacluster Ion Showcase
Allergytech's Explanation of the Technologies in the Plasmacluster

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